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busybeeBEE ALERT: We apologize for the temporary interruption in site-to-site navigation.
The issue has been resolved. Enjoy your visit!

The transfer of our location-based catalog is complete and Community Events are up and running once again. Woo-hoo!

In the coming weeks we will be transferring the remainder of Belva's List to Belva's List Seattle, sporting a fresh new look with plenty of new features and much more on the way.

You will still be able to  space needle Explore Seattle  here at during the transition. The menu will be updated as we move sections of our catalog to the new location.

Keep watching for more destinations in the future!

workerbeeDuring our transition you may find our Busy Bees buzzing around many areas of both sites.

Rest assured that these little guys are working their stingers off to bring you more site features and more recreational activities in more locations!

Busy BeeBEE ALERT: Community Events has been relocated to Belva's List Seattle. Enjoy!
Psst, You can find it under the  Explore Seattle  menu at BOTH sites!

Thank you for your patience as we make this transition. We will make every effort to keep interruptions to a minimum. We think you're going to LOVE IT!

belva iconBelva

P.S. Tell them Belva sent you!