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We've spent many hours on the internet over the years trying to plan family trips to places such as San Francisco, Vancouver BC, and Victoria BC. Our goal was to plan a general itinerary of activities that fit our family's time, interests, and budget.

Much to our dismay, we were unable to gain a clear idea of what these cities had to offer. In some cases the information was very general, totally lacking any cohesive or comprehensive overview. Many times the websites were linked to a single subject or were actually difficult to read. Some had "go to" links that didn't "go to" anything. Some were extremely colorful, with lots of pretty pictures of places we wanted to know more about, but they did not provide access to that information.

When we tried to search the Seattle area for this wonderful, magical, and comprehensive list, much to our surprise, we were once again quite frustrated. So I said to the Bearded One, "Hey there Bearded One, let's see if we can build a website so friendly and thorough, even we could find things on it!"

We have lived in the Seattle area since the late 1970s, and thought we had a pretty good grip on what was happening in and around our fair city. Well, you guessed it, we were sadly ignorant of much of what our corner of the world has to offer. We are here to tell you, "Ignorance is definitely not bliss!"

Belva's List was founded in September 2006, business commenced in August 2007, and our site was first published in October 2007. It was our concerted effort to create a website so easy to navigate and understand that even the Bearded One can use it to put together an itinerary (not to say he ever would). In August 2014, we met an incredible web-based business developer, a true magician! He is now known as Merlin. He helped us realize just how special and unique our little bucket list project really is and just how much work needed to be done. We had to rebuild from the ground up and so we did. We decided to go LARGE. Every major city should have a Belva's List, not just Seattle. That's when our true mission became clear.

Belva's List is your on the go travel and recreation guide. Our vision is to provide a cohesive and comprehensive resource where anyone can easily find activities that fit their time, interests, and budget. We foster a family friendly environment that proudly supports and promotes our locally owned businesses. Visit our home page and Choose Your Destination. Sign up and publish your own public event for free. Need assistance? Drop us a line (or two).

Please remember to keep our planet Green and Clean. Take nothing away but pictures, smiles and joyous memories, and leave nothing behind but footprints.

We'll be looking for you,
Belva & The Bearded One

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